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The Show Finds Out if They Won Anything With Lottery Tickets

During The Bobby Bones Show Post Show yesterday (September 28), some of the show members went in on lottery tickets together.

Bobby, Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, Scuba Steve, and Raymundo all decided to throw in $20 to buy some lottery tickets for the Powerball drawing that happened last night (September 28). Unfortunately no one won the big jackpot, including the show. However, they did win some money with their tickets.

Scuba Steve made the purchase this time instead of Lunchbox, so the show was hoping they'd win more money than the $6 Lunchbox has won them in the past. Scuba Steve did have a little bit more luck. They had one ticket that won $7 and another ticket won $14. So now they plan to take their earnings and buy some more lottery tickets.