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Eddie’s Wife Heckled by Cashier for Eating Chips in Grocery Store

Several months ago, Eddie shared something his wife does at grocery stores that he doesn't quite understand.

His wife will open bags of chips and eat them while grocery shopping if she's hungry. She doesn't think it's a big deal because she pays for them regardless. However, Eddie thinks you shouldn't open things while in the grocery store until you pay for them. Recently, they were at the grocery store together and she opened a bag of chips to eat. When they went to pay for everything, the cashier noticed the opened bag and suggested they grab a new one. Eddie's wife told the cashier she ate them, they just need to pay for them. The cashier was confused why someone would do that, and then proceeded to give a snarky reply to Eddie's wife about eating in the store.

Eddie admitted he didn't defend his wife, because he also thinks what she is doing is strange. However, the rest of the Bobby Bones Show doesn't think it's that weird and believes the cashier shouldn't have said something like that.