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Bobby Shares the Latest Bobby Bones Show Rejected Segments

Every day the Bobby Bones Show shares various segments on air. Those segments come from everyone on the show sending in ideas via text message or email. Some of the segments never make the air, and they might just turn into a rejected segment.

Today (October 5), Bones shared the rejected segments from the past several weeks. Check them all out below!

  • Mike D suggested a segment called "Shave It to Save It" where the show brings in a valued possession for Show & Tell, but there's a twist. In order to get the item back, the show member must shave something on their body.
  • Raymundo suggested an advice segment. He needed suggestions on the weapon he should get to protect him and his wife at his apartment complex. There's been a few break-ins and he wanted some level of security. His wife didn't want him to get a gun, so he wanted the show to suggest weapon ideas. Bobby ended up suggesting a paintball gun.
  • The 'Wheel of Botox' was suggested. A news article came out about Cristiano Ronaldo getting botox done "down there." So the guys were all going to be put on the wheel and whoever it landed on had to get botox in their private area.
  • Raymundo's hair lady was found alive and well after some things happened.
  • Lunchbox suggested a segment where he finds out the special treatment celebrities get on regular planes. He got audio talking to an airline attendant and asking some questions about the things celebrities are treated to whenever they fly with the airline.