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Lunchbox Took 11 Pumpkins From Free Pumpkin Truck at Work

A new business took over the building where the Bobby Bones Show's studio is located.

The new business invited a pumpkin truck to come out for a team activity. Since the pumpkin truck was there when the show had finished recording, Lunchbox decided to go check it out. He went up to the owner of the pumpkin truck and asked if the pumpkins were free. He said yes, if you work for the business that is located in the show's building. Lunchbox said he did and then asked how many he could take. He then proceeded to pull his car up and take several pumpkins home with him.

Scuba Steve said he took around 10 pumpkins home with him and shut down the street to bring his car next to the truck to load the pumpkins.