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Morgan Reveals Strange Part of Her “Wake Up” Routine

Morgan revealed during the Bobby Bones Show today (October 10) something that happens every morning in order for her to wake up for work.

She admitted she sets 10 alarms every morning and they're spaced out at every 5 minute increment. Sometimes she will barely wake up to the first alarm and turn the rest of them off in her sleep. She's always been a really hard sleeper like sleeping through fire alarms and other things going off. So with all of the alarms set, her hope is that she will wake up to at least one of the alarms. However, if she doesn't, her dad calls her every morning to ensure she's awake. She admitted he's her "11th alarm" aka the last alarm to be able to wake her up if none of the others worked.

The show thought it was strange because she's almost 30-years-old and her dad is still helping her wake up. Lunchbox also added that obviously her boyfriend stays with her and that adds another layer of weird to it all. Morgan laughed it off and added that she and her dad have started using the time he calls to catch up on their lives. They're both really busy and it's sometimes the only time they get to talk that day.