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See the Photos From Lunchbox’s Acting Debut in Las Vegas

Lunchbox made his acting debut this weekend in Las Vegas!

After weeks of anticipation, Lunchbox headed out to Las Vegas to perform as a special guest in the musical and stage production Bat Out Of Hell. He had a role where he sat on a motorcycle, danced around on stage and was supposed to have 3 lines. However, Lunchbox said when he arrived to the show he found out his lines had been cut from the script. Turns out the play was too long so they had to cut Lunchbox's scene with his lines. Though he was still on stage a few times throughout the show riding a motorcycle and dancing. Bobby Bones was super disappointed for Lunchbox and offered to have him act out his scene on the show.

Despite his lines being cut, Lunchbox said he had a great time thanks to the cast. They were super kind to him the entire time throughout both Saturday night shows he made appearances in. Lunchbox also noted they must of listened to the show because they had everything he wanted in his dressing room for him including a bottle of wine and tequila, peanut M&Ms, and Reese's PB cups. Though there was no gambling money in there.

He got really excited when he heard his name over the intercom backstage for him to prepare for his role on stage. Noting the dancing and motorcycle riding were super fun for him. He also had a really good time at the afterparty on a rooftop overlooking the Las Vegas Strip with a live band and a pool. Although his lines were cut, Lunchbox said he really enjoyed all of the cast members and he's super proud of himself for his debut.

Check out all the photos and videos from his performance below!