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Amy Was in Uber While Driver Hit Pedestrian

This past weekend Amy attended a wedding in Nashville. She took an Uber home from the event, and the Uber driver hit a pedestrian.

Amy recalled being in a suburban and she was sitting in the backseat of it. She couldn't fully see out the front of the vehicle and was using her phone when she heard two loud thumps. She heard a lot of screaming and commotion outside of the car and her Uber had come to a stop. She quickly realized he hit a pedestrian and one of the friend's of the victim yelled at the Uber driver to pull over in the parking lot close to them. So he proceeded to pull into the parking lot, then turned around and asked Amy if she wanted him to cancel her ride since this situation was going to take some time.

She told him yes to cancelling the ride, then got out of the car and immediately went over to the girl laying in the street. A nurse who also happened to be in the area came over and checked her out. The nurse told Amy she seemed to be ok. Only minutes later police, a firetruck, and EMT all showed up on the scene. They planned to take her to the emergency room to get checked over before giving the ok.

Amy isn't sure if the girl's ok now and she doesn't know legally what happened to her Uber driver.