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Bobby Bones Shares Update on Stanley After ACL Surgery

A few weeks ago, Bobby Bones shared that his bulldog Stanley has to have surgery.

Stanley unfortunately pulled both of his back leg's ACLs. One of them was all the way torn, while the other one was only half torn. However, his vet suggested that Bones go ahead and have surgery on both ACLs at the same time so he only has to go through recovery once. Yesterday (October 11) Bones took Stanley into the vet for his surgery. He had to stay at the vet for 24 hours after the surgery, but he's doing well now. And Bones will be able to go pick him up this afternoon.

Bones also shared that someone called Stanley fat on Instagram and it really made Bones upset. Stanley can't exercise right now with his injury and he's a bulldog so it's easy for him to gain weight. Bones wanted to go off on the person who made the comment but ultimately decided not to.