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Bryan Swanson Talks About Removing Foxes From Bobby’s Backyard

Bryan Swanson of Complete Animal Removal came on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (October 11) to answer Bobby Bones' questions about the foxes in his backyard.

For the past several months, there's been a fox saga happening in Bones' backyard. There's a family of foxes living behind their house and they keep leaving little dead animals all over the yard. Not only that, Stanley and Eller bark like crazy anytime they see the foxes around. So Bones and Caitlin have been wanting to get the foxes out of their backyard, but they want to ensure they aren't killed and they're placed in another location with their entire family. Swanson shared that most people want to remove foxes from their property to keep their pets safe since foxes do carry rabies and can hold their own in a fight. Swanson also noted his company never kills the animals the trap, they would release them in the same location together. However, he noted that foxes are one of the most difficult animals' to trap because of their heightened smelling senses.

Abby asked some general questions about animals on property. If you ever find an injured animal in your yard, Swanson highly suggests calling wildlife rehabbers in the area because they will need some things most people can't provide. If you find a nest of birds on your property, most species are federally protected and you can't move their nests. It's a federal fine moving most bird nests, however there are 3 kinds of birds that aren't protected: Feral pigeons, European starlings and House sparrows. If they are one of those 3, you are able to remove the nest without any fines or issues.