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Garth Brooks Compliments Bobby’s Opening Performance at Arkansas Stadium

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show this morning (October 12) to tell Bobby Bones that Garth Brooks talked about him on his latest Studio G live.

Brandon tweeted at Brooks asking for his side of the story in how he asked Bones to open up for him in Arkansas. Brooks shared that Bones told it exactly like it happened. Bones didn't believe it was Brooks, and he thought it was definitely a joke since it was April Fools. Brooks played the Ryman with Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots a few years ago for Million Dollar Show, so when Brooks realized he was playing at Razorback stadium he knew he wanted to ask Bones and his band to open the show. Brooks called them a "slammin' little band."

Brooks offered up even some more compliments for Bones saying that he's a funny, quick-witted guy, and he will take on anything and any stage anywhere. Despite Bones being nervous about taking on stage a big crowd, Brooks said that definitely didn't look the case. He enjoys watching the opening acts who have never played stadiums before because they will go through many emotions, sometimes falling apart and sometimes rising above it. But when he watched Bones perform, Brooks said he was so at home on the stadium stage and really did a great job.