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Eddie Put Together "Clear The List" For Sports Equipment

Eddie took on the role of coaching several of his boys' sports team, but he didn't realize that he would have to supply the teams with equipment.

So he took a page out of Lunchbox's book and compiled a list. A few weeks back Lunchbox asked listener's to "clear his list" like all the teachers were doing. His list though was just all the grocery items he needed and surprisingly some listeners actually did want to help him clear his list. So Eddie wanted to put together a list of equipment that people could clear for him. Bobby Bones doesn't think it's a good look for the show members to be putting together these lists for others to clear. But he did say he's willing to help Eddie with some of his equipment needs.

This is the list Eddie put together:

  • Coach's clip board
  • Cones for training
  • Indoor basketballs (4 or 5)
  • Jerseys for practice
  • Bag to carry everything

The entire list is about $200 worth of equipment. Bones said he would cover the whole list because he wasn't allowing him to put the list out to listeners.