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Lunchbox Does Elevator Karaoke With Strangers in Las Vegas

Lunchbox was recently in Las Vegas for his Bat Out Of Hell acting debut.

While he was there, he had to do some of his shenanigans. He decided to go into elevators and sing Elevator Karaoke with a group of strangers. With the first batch of strangers, he acknowledged they were all in a very crowded elevator and then suggested they sing karaoke. He started singing Garth Brooks "The Dance" and everyone just giggled. They told him he did a good job and then quickly got off the elevator. The next round of strangers he made the same comment about a crowded elevator and then bursted out in Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee." This time, some of the strangers joined him in the song, but when he finished another girl started singing another song.

Overall, he gave us and a lot of strangers some really good laughs with his singing confidence.