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Bobby Bones Brings Home Bulldog Stanley After ACL Surgeries

For the last several weeks, we've heard about Bobby Bones' bulldog Stanley and his torn ACLs.

One of his ACL's was half torn while the other one was fully torn. His vet suggested Stanley get surgery done on both of the ACLs to only have one recovery period. On Tuesday, Stanley had both of the ACL surgeries done. Things went well and after a day at the vet, Bones got to bring Stanley home yesterday (October 12). He shared a video of him lifting Stanley out of the car with a cone on his head and shaved back legs. Then Bones proceeded to use a wrap to help Stanley get inside without utilizing his back legs.

Bones added that Stanley has to limit movement for the next several weeks so he is confined to a room, and a crate whenever necessary. Last night, Bones slept in Stanley's room with him and he snored all night long.