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Brett Eldredge Picked Up “Rucking” as Hobby to Help Mental Health

Tickets for Brett Eldredge's Christmas shows are on sale today! He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share what fans can expect from the holiday tour and his newest hobby.

Eldredge has been very open about his mental health and the activities he does to ensure he's taking care of himself. He works out, meditates, goes on long bike rides, and loves being in nature. He recently picked up rucking which is basically walking with a weighted vest on. So now whenever he goes hiking, he wears a weighted vest and it's made the activity more challenging for him. Adding that he's been trying to do something challenging every day to continue improving his mental health. He also loves playing pickleball with his band whenever they're out on tour and he's started playing the sport in his day to day life as well. He often plays with his family, and admitted his dad may be 30 years older than him ,but he always wins the games.

Bobby Bones also got Eldredge to talk about what it's like seeing someone out in the wild wearing a shirt with his face on it. He admitted to seeing it before, but he doesn't usually go up to the person. He will just lurk around and see if the person realizes he's there. Noting it's very cool to see it organically.