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Lunchbox Found Winning Bet Slip on Las Vegas Strip

While Lunchbox was in Las Vegas for his Bat Out Of Hell acting debut, he found something very special on the strip.

He's always spending his money on making bets, gambling, or the lottery. So it was really something when he found a winning bet ticket laying on the Las Vegas strip. The ticket was someone else's who had made a $500 bet on 4 different teams at the Sportsbook. He won all of the bets resulting in a $6,000 winning ticket. Lunchbox went to Sportsbook and asked them hypothetically what would happen if someone tried to cash in a betting ticket that they found. They told him that person would be in serious trouble.

So he got freaked out and didn't want to end up in jail by cashing it in himself. So he left Sportsbook and returned in an hour to turn in the ticket he found. When they scanned it, they said someone had placed a lost claim on it so they could get their earnings. Which means it's a very good thing Lunchbox didn't try to turn it in on his own.