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Lunchbox Pranked Abby With Fake Singing Gig

Lunchbox recently went to Las Vegas for his acting debut in Bat Out Of Hell. Phone Screener Abby went along with him to capture some content and help him with anything he might need.

He decided it would be a great idea to prank Abby with a fake singing gig while in the city of street performers. Lunchbox said they may have went out there for his gig, but he wanted to do something for her. He told Abby he had a singing gig for her in town. She got super excited, but he wouldn't give her any details. After getting ready, he took her to the Las Vegas strip, handed her a cup, and said "here's your gig!" Lunchbox said Las Vegas is the city of street performers and since everyone thought she was so good, she could make some extra money on the strip.

Abby was really disappointed, but she did sing a song on the strip anyway and made $2 in tips. In an effort to make things better for Abby, Bobby Bones told her to sing for them on the show and put a cup out. She started singing and he put over $100 in her cup.