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Miranda Lambert Gives Encouraging Reminder to Help Shelter Animals

Miranda Lambert called into the Bobby Bones Show to talk about her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency and MuttNation Foundation.

Lambert has loved getting to do a residency in Vegas. They rented a house outside of the strip and would get to have a normal life, then go to work every evening. Though Lambert shared she had to get some humidifiers and a ton of IVs because the environment was an adjustment for her. Having the show stationary allowed them to have all the pyro and do a setup different than their usual touring shows. She was able to elevate the tour she's been doing for so long, including in her wardrobe. She wears a jacket that is "on fire." Admittedly, the jacket is hard to wear because it weighs at least 20 pounds. However, it's not actually on fire, it's just a bright, warm light. Otherwise she would have to worry about her long hair-sprayed hair getting caught on fire constantly. Another aspect she loves about the residency is that she can see the face of just about everyone in the crowd. Over a decade ago, she read an article about Willie Nelson where he shared that he tries to look every person in the eye during his shows. Lambert said Nelson's words really hit home to her and she wanted to make sure to do the same thing. She believes it's easy to escape and stare into the spotlight while on stage, but connecting with fans is the whole point of performing. Adding that seeing and connecting with her friends really helps her on hard days.

While Lambert loves her music and connecting with fans, it's possible she loves helping animals even more. Her organization MuttNation Foundation is currently helping those impacted by Hurricane Ian. Lambert said MuttNation is meant to lift up people in natural disasters and it is their job to make sure the animals impacted are highlighted, which is exactly what they're doing right now. They're working with Greater Good and Humane Society Naples to help with displaced animals and rebuilding after Hurricane Ian. Currently they are running a fundraiser here where every single penny is going to these two organizations. Beyond that, her foundation also helps to encourage people to adopt animals as overcrowding shelters are a huge, ongoing problem in the United States. From owner surrenders to stray animals, many shelters are overcrowded and in desperate need of help. She wanted to kindly encourage everyone to consider adopting, and if not then fostering or volunteering with their local animal organizations.

Bobby Bones made sure to ask fans burning question of whether Lambert is related to the singer Adam Lambert. She isn't, but she did say she really loves him and hopes maybe somehow they're related. Lambert also shared how she loves to spend her Friday evenings and she's a big fan of the fall weather. She loves to have a fire and drink some wine.