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Morgan Tests Lunchbox’s Basic Gymnastic Skills

Morgan has been taking adult gymnastics for several months now.

Whenever she posts a video on social media showing her gymnastic skills, listeners ask for her to bring Lunchbox to a class. She decided to test out his basic gymnastic skills to see if he would be able to manage anything before going to a full blown class. She had him do a cartwheel, handstand, backbend, and walk a fake balance beam. He was unable to accomplish 3 of the 4 tasks due to lack of mobility and the "ground being too hard."

Lunchbox admitted when trying to do a handstand, he was too afraid to totally go up on his hands. He couldn't manage to do anything in the backbend, even from the floor position. He didn't have the from in his cartwheel, but he at least attempted to do it before saying the ground was hard. The balance beam was definitely the easiest task for him, however Morgan noted he looked like a robot walking instead of a gymnast.