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Are You Willing To Make Eating Disorder Recovery A Priority? (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Kayla Carson (RDN, cPTs, & director at Odyssey Eating Disorder Network) is our expert guest for 3 weeks with Amy. In this episode (2 of 3) they talk about prioritizing ED recovery socially (with friends/family) & financially (i.e. will you sacrifice other spending to get the treatment you need?!!), Kayla's personal struggle with perfectionism, and more.



Kayla Carson has extensive expertise in the eating disorder and substance use disorder field. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), she has worked directly with clients in treatment centers struggling with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders for nearly a decade. She is also a certified body movement specialist and a public speaker. Kayla received her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics with a minor in Movement Instruction from Indiana University and completed her Dietetic Internship at Loyola University Chicago. She has a passion for helping individuals find food freedom and mindful movement by breaking the chains of physique training and diet culture. Kayla enjoys connecting with other clinicians in the field and strives to be the first call to connect clients to quality higher levels of care when in need.

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