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Spinning Wheel Determines Who Has to See ‘Terrifier 2’ in Theaters

There's a new horror movie called Terrifier 2 out in theaters that's getting high praise from critics and audiences alike. However, the movie is believed to be so gory and violent that some theaters have had to call out to emergency services due to viewers passing out. Not only that, some attendees have admitted the movie made them vomit after disturbing scenes. The movie is about a clown haunting a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween night, and some have dubbed it the "best horror movie of the year."

Mike D saw the first Terrifier movie in theaters and admitted it was one of his favorite of all time. He's excited to see the second one in theaters soon. No one else on The Bobby Bones Show wanted to volunteer to go see it so Bobby Bones brought out the spinning wheel. He paid Amy, Eddie, Lunchbox, Raymundo, and Scuba Steve all $10 each to be on the wheel. However Morgan said for $10 she didn't want to be on the wheel because she hates horror movies, they terrify her. So Bones said he'd pay her $25 to be on the wheel. She agreed to it and they got to spinning.

Every time the wheel was spun, someone was taken off of it and they didn't have to see the movie in theaters. It came down to Amy and Morgan. Whoever the wheel landed on, they had to go see the movie in theaters before Halloween. It ended up landing on Amy who was not thrilled about going to see this horror movie. She asked for someone to go with her since the movie could cause her to pass out.