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Bobby Bones' Bulldog Stanley Recovering Well Post ACL Surgery

Bobby Bones shared an update on his bulldog Stanley after he had two ACL surgeries done last week. A lot of kids were asking for Stanley updates wanting to ensure "Stanley The Dog" was doing well.

Bulldogs are known for having to get a lot of surgeries done and this ACL surgery on both of his legs marks Stanley's 11th. This past weekend, Bones and his wife Caitlin spent the weekend helping Stanley recover. He had to wear a big cone so he didn't lick or chew on his surgery scar and it was making it really hard for him to sleep. Caitlin suggested they get him a "body suit," and ever since that's been on him he's been doing much better.

Bones also shared Stanley is supposed to be on a leash at all times to limit any major activity on his legs, including when he uses the restroom. Though Stanley refused to use the restroom while on a leash, so Bones let him off for a brief moment and he took off using 3 of his legs. Limiting activity also means Stanley can't be around Eller, Bones and Caitlin's other dog. She has too much energy so they have to keep them separated from each other unless they're on leashes.

Despite some changes they've had to make around the house, Stanley is recovering well and getting lots of rest since he got his new suit.