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Listener Wants to Split Lottery Winnings With Lunchbox

Listener Billy decided to play the Mega Millions lottery because of Lunchbox talking about it on the Bobby Bones Show.

He's played a few times, but never won anything big. This time when he played with the multiplier thanks to Scuba Steve, he won big time. He told the show through a voicemail that it was the most he's ever won through the lottery and he wanted to split it with Lunchbox since he was the inspiration behind buying the tickets. We spent a week trying to get ahold of him, but it was radio silent. Everyone assumed he went off the grid because of how much money he won.

Today (October 18), the show finally got ahold of Billy. He shared he had some life stuff happen and didn't have access to his phone. And unfortunately, it wasn't as big of a win as Lunchbox was hoping for. Billy didn't win the jackpot or even a million dollars. He won $40 with his lottery tickets. Billy wanted to give $13 to Lunchbox for being the inspiration behind the tickets, and then also give a third of his winnings to Scuba Steve who encouraged him to do the Megaplier.

Lunchbox was angry that he wanted to give anything to Scuba Steve instead of just evenly splitting it with him. Billy said he'd be mailing a check to Lunchbox soon, despite Bobby saying he should just keep all of his winnings.