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Lunchbox’s Free Pumpkins Got Stolen From His Porch

Lunchbox shared on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (October 18) that his house got robbed.

When Lunchbox and his family got back home one day, they noticed the pumpkins missing from their front porch. Someone had come and taken all of the pumpkins they had sitting out. His son was the first to notice some things missing and he didn't understand why someone would do such a thing. His wife was wondering if they needed to move to another neighborhood because it's an uneasy feeling that someone was on their porch taking things.

The show told Lunchbox that now he's "even" since he technically took said pumpkins from a free pumpkin truck that was at the show's building for another company. Listener Samantha also called in to the show to share that Lunchbox didn't get "robbed" because that would mean the suspects took the pumpkins by force or threat of force. So it was actually a larceny that happened at his house because it was just a "theft of property."