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Using These 10 Emojis May Show Your Age

Photo: AFP

Some discussions on Reddit have found that there are about 10 emojis that signal to the younger generations that you might be "old" and "out of touch." So they suggest not using these if one doesn't want to show their age when communicating online.

The worst one? The thumbs up emoji. They say it's too ambiguous, sometimes hostile, and can be interpreted to mean someone is angry with them. These are the top 10 worst emojis to use right now if you want to give away your age:

  • Thumbs up 👍🏼
  • Red love heart ❤️
  • OK hand 👌🏻
  • Green checkmark ✅
  • Smiling poop 💩
  • Loud crying face 😭
  • Monkey covering eyes 🙈
  • Clapping hands 👏🏼
  • Lipstick kiss mark 💋
  • Cringing face 😬

Photo: Getty Images