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Amy’s Daughter Wants to Be Pirate for Halloween

Halloween is next weekend and that means everyone is putting together their costumes for the holiday.

Amy's teen daughter Stachira wants to be a pirate for Halloween. She showed her mom some of the costumes online and Amy didn't think any of them were appropriate for her to wear. They all had corsets, showed off legs, and had over-the-knee boots. None of which Amy believes is appropriate for a teen to be wearing. Stachira said she could just put together her own version of a pirate costume, but still wanted some of the more inappropriate pieces like a corset or tall boots.

Bobby Bones jumped in and texted Stachira trying to be the cool friend saying he was on her side. He wanted to help find a compromise so she could be a pirate and texted her a costume idea, but she still didn't seem to like the outfit.