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Lunchbox Files Police Report Over Stolen Pumpkins

Last week, Lunchbox told The Bobby Bones Show about a theft at his house.

Someone had stolen the pumpkins off his front porch. His son was really upset about it and they weren't sure what they could do to get the pumpkins back or make everyone feel safer. Lunchbox decided to call the non-emergency line over the weekend and file a police report. When he called the non-emergency line, the employee was at first concerned because Lunchbox said there was a robbery. After Lunchbox explained it was about the pumpkins from his front porch, the employee did his best to stay professional.

Ultimately, the employee asked Lunchbox if it was just pumpkins and asked if everyone is safe. He tried to imply since everyone is safe that they're "just pumpkins" but Lunchbox really wanted the police report filed regardless.