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Morgan’s Friend Borrowed Boots Years Ago and Still Wearing Them

Years ago, Morgan let an old friend borrow her white boots. When she moved to Nashville, she thought maybe she lost them and accepted she’d never see them again. Then, she went on Instagram and saw the girl who borrowed her white boots still wearing them. She’s positive they are hers. They are old school style white cowboy boots that aren’t too expensive, but she never found another pair similar to buy.  

She wants them back since white boots are super trendy right now, but is not sure what to do. The Bobby Bones Show shared what they would do if they saw one of their friends wearing something they let them borrow years later. Amy said she would send a message saying she’s been looking for them and wants them back. Lunchbox said he’d comment on the picture saying, “My boots still look good on you!” Eddie said he’d message them and say “You still have my boots! I’ve been looking for them.”  

Morgan hasn’t said anything yet and is nervous to message her since they aren’t really friends anymore and it’s been six years. Bobby proposed a game where he rolled the dice and whatever number it landed on gets to write the message to her friend. The dice landed on three which means Lunchbox gets to comment on the girl's photo and send her a message about the boots. Morgan isn’t too thrilled that Lunchbox now gets to confront her old friends about her stolen boots. We’ll check back in in a day or two to find out the results.