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Raymundo Thinks Bobby, Eddie, & Mike D Will Die in a Helicopter Crash

Bobby, Eddie and Mike D recently shared that they were invited to join Jerry Jones on his helicopter when they go to a Cowboys game in Dallas in a few weeks. 

On his 25 Whistles Podcast, Bobby shared that Raymundo believes it's a bad idea since helicopters can be unsafe and thinks Bobby, Eddie and Mike D will die in a helicopter crash with Jones. He said he doesn't trust it and he would never get on the helicopter. Raymundo explaining his reasoning, saying helicopters don't have backup engines like a plane or how one bird could fly into the helicopter, and it would go down.  

Bobby explains how he's flown in many helicopters, but still hates them. Though, he feels comfortable riding in this one because this helicopter will have two engines and is considered one the safest helicopters out there!