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Lunchbox Spills Tea on Abby’s Las Vegas Romance

Lunchbox 'spilled the tea' on Abby from their recent trip to Las Vegas.

Abby was there to help Lunchbox with his "Bat Out Of Hell" performance. As she was in the elevator going to her room, she met a man, and they started talking. They went to a bar together and stayed out until four thirty in the morning! He was staying on the same floor as Abby and she thought it was destiny. When she told him he was going to eat she said, "But you're so cute." So, they decided to eat together in the lobby when he asked her to grab a drink. As the night went on, they found out they had a lot in common and they danced in the hallway to music off their phone. He even asked her to do the famous "Dirty Dancing" lift scene. Abby was texting him all the next day and he told her he was going to meet up with her after Lunchbox's performance. He told her he'd be there in 15 minutes but wasn't. After 19 minutes she wanted to call him to make sure he was okay, but everyone was telling her to just wait. Lunchbox said he now sees how hard and fast she falls. He did eventually show up but with another girl and things got weird. He told Abby she was "kind of like my little sister." 

Lunchbox thinks he looks like a younger Chris Harrison. Abby thinks he kind of looks like Zac Efron. Bobby tried to give her advice not to move too fast, so she won't get hurt. Abby said she was done with him, but Lunchbox called her out that they are still talking and even FaceTimed for two hours last week, but haven't talked since. She admitted she won't talk to him anymore unless he reaches out first. 

Bobby takes this as a learning experience for Abby. He admires her boldness. But says it's tough cause she goes really hard, really fast, and it will take a special type of guy to be with her. Lunchbox declares she is in love, but Abby says it really wasn't that serious.