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Lunchbox Thinks He Needs to Give Speech at Cousin’s Wedding

Lunchbox is going to his cousin's wedding soon, but he has an issue.

He’s not sure if he’s expected to give a speech since he is a “celebrity.” He hasn’t been asked to give one, and he’s not in the wedding, but he thinks since he is a “celebrity” everyone will want to hear from him. All of the show members reiterated they don't see Lunchbox as a celebrity. Lunchbox thinks he is one because every time he goes out with his Aunt, she tells everyone he’s on the Bobby Bones Show. He knows the maid-of-honor and best man will get to say a speech, and then figures once they are done, they will hand the microphone to him because everyone will be anticipating hearing from him. He doesn’t know if he should just grab the microphone and go for it.

Bobby’s best advice is to have something prepared in case they ask, but don’t just grab the microphone.