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Amy Almost Fell For Another Scam

Amy shared that she almost got scammed again when she got a postcard in the mail that said if she scanned the QR code, she’d get a free box of these bars she likes to eat.  

She eats them all the time and they can get pretty expensive, so she thought it was a good idea and scanned the QR code. It then asked her to write an Amazon review, which she had no problem doing since she is such a big fan of these bars anyway. After writing the review and giving it five stars, she thought it would ask for her address to mail her the twelve free variety bars in a box. But they never asked for her address, and she got nothing.  

Bobby shared this is a new semi-scam companies are doing. It’s a shady way to get good reviews to boost sales by the companies that send these out. They get you to leave a good review with the promise of something free, but once you’re done leaving the review you won’t get anything.  

Amy’s now scared they have her info, but has accepted she probably won’t ever get the bars.  

Photo: Getty Images