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Bobby Bones Recommends Two Things to Watch on Amazon & Hulu

Bobby finished watching two new things that he highly suggests people watch.

One of the shows is called The Patient on Hulu with Steve Carell, it's about an abducted therapist. Bobby said it was wild and gave it four and half therapy bills out of five. He said it’s a crazy show. No one else has watched it besides Mike D and he agrees it’s wild.

Then he also finished watching The Worst Person in The World, a movie he bought on Amazon. He didn’t know it was a horror movie but said after the first 15-20 minutes you just read the subtitles and it’s all good. He said it’s really good, but dark and sad. Mike D warned him that it’s a dark movie, but he didn’t realize it was going to be that dark, saying it’s a movie where you don’t root for the main character. Bobby gives it four out of five non-English words that he doesn't understand.