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Lunchbox Called Amy’s Sister About Appearing in ‘Building Roots’ TV Show

Amy’s sister has a show on HGTV called Building Roots where they renovate houses and document it. They are coming to Nashville and Lunchbox is dead set about being on the show.

He currently has four holes in his roof after a tree branch fell on it four months ago, and he has yet to repair them because he thinks he’s going to be on the show and they will fix it for him. The show told Lunchbox that he would be the main story on the show and the producer loved him, so Lunchbox was ready to go, but he hasn’t heard anything from them for months now.

Amy shared an update that he won’t be on the show. She thought he already knew, but he seems to not be understanding. Amy’s sister said she’s worried about his mental health after getting the news he won’t be on the show after a phone call she received from him. Bobby played a clip from the call Lunchbox had with Amy’s sister where he was impersonating his four-year-old son trying to make her feel bad. Amy’s sister tells him he needs to get the roof fixed on his own and not think about the TV show anymore.

Lunchbox said he’ll never watch the show again. Amy shared she might be on the show one day, but is scared to bring it up in front of Lunchbox.