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Lunchbox Shared Why He Hasn’t Fixed His Roof Yet

A tree branch fell on Lunchbox’s roof four months ago that created four big holes in his roof he has yet to repair.  

Lunchbox shared with the Bobby Bones Show that he hasn’t gotten it fixed yet because he's supposed to be on season two of the show Building Roots where they would fix it for him. He started off by saying that Amy’s sister reached out to him telling him to reach out to the show’s producer because they really like him and think he has a great story to tell. Bobby called him out and Lunchbox confessed that he was actually the one who reached out and got turned down. Lunchbox hasn’t heard from anyone at Building Roots in a couple of months.  

His wife is starting to get mad and doesn't want to wait around for the show to possibly feature them and fix the roof.