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Man Captures “Best Footage Ever Recorded” of Bigfoot

Josh Highcliff has supposedly captured Bigfoot on camera and experts describe it as the "best footage ever recorded" of the creature. 

Hundreds of images and videos claiming to see him have emerged over the years, but people think Highcliff's is the most convincing of all. Josh uploaded the clip to YouTube where he asked for help from the online community after spotting a 'skunk ape' - also known as the Florida Bigfoot, which is said to inhabit southeastern states. The footage was taken nine miles west of Tunica, Mississippi, on his hunting property. He said he was out hunting hogs and assumed it was an animal, but then he spotted "these big shoulders and a head upright with hands." 

His first instinct was to run, but he knew no one would believe him if he didn't capture it so he took his phone out and started recording. He guessed the size to be around seven feet tall, and although it's been a few years since he shared the sighting, people still comment saying it's the best footage ever recorded. 

Photo: Getty Images