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Eddie’s Wife Got Him Costume to Go as Papa Bear for Halloween

Eddie had his Halloween costume planned, but had to change it for tonight to be on theme with his three-year-old son’s costume.

His wife is going as Mama Bear, Eddie is going as Papa Bear, and his son is going as a bear. He said it’s a full body bear suit with a hole for his face. Eddie’s a little disappointed with the costume because he looks forward to wearing a scary mask or painting blood on his face, but this year he was forced to be a bear and he’s not excited about it.

Bobby suggests he goes as a ‘bear hit by a car,’ and paints some blood coming out of his mouth. Lunchbox suggests he goes as a ‘hunting bear’ and has a bullet in his head. The show agrees that’s a little too graphic. Eddie then suggests ‘axe in the head bear,’ but Bobby thinks that’s a little too cartoonish. The show lands on an agreement that he should go as some sort of ‘bloody bear’, so he and his son are both satisfied.