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Bobby, Amy, and Lunchbox Share Past Halloween Stories

Happy Halloween! For today's holiday, the Bobby Bones Show shared some stories from past Halloweens.

Lunchbox is still mad at himself for something that happened when he was younger trick-or-treating. He shared there was one house in his neighborhood that every single year gave out a penny to everyone who knocked on their door on Halloween. Every year he thought it might be the year it would change, so he would still go to that house, and every year he still got a penny. He’s upset that 25 years later he’s still thinking about that house every Halloween and how he wasted valuable time of getting candy by going there. Bobby pointed out that Lunchbox will now stop and go out of his way to pick up a penny he sees on the ground. But Lunchbox says that back then he didn’t care about money, just candy. He thinks that if you see kids just walking door to door now, they aren’t real trick-or-treaters and that once you turn six you should be sprinting door to door to fully take advantage of getting all the candy.

Amy shared a Halloween story from when she was eight. She fell off her bike the day before and had a black eye and a sprained wrist. She didn’t know what she’d be for Halloween because of the accident, so she decided to go as someone who got beat up. She was just thinking about this the other day because she has a dimple on the side of her face that is from that bike accident where a rock went into the side of her cheek. Now that dimple serves as a Halloween memory for her.

Bobby Bones reflected on one of his past Halloween costumes and is not sure if the picture got out now would it be something he’d get “cancelled” for today. He didn’t wear any face paint or anything like that, but he went as Michael Jackson. The costume was a shiny black suit, one glove and a hat that he pulled down over his eyes. He’s worried that one day if this picture surfaces he might get canceled for it. The show then shared their thoughts if a Michael Jackson Halloween costume is “cancelable.” Lunchbox, Amy and Eddie agree it’s not bad. Eddie points out that Bones went as Michael Jackson “The King of Pop,” not the bad version of him.