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Amy Reviewed The Horror Movie ‘Terrifier 2’ After Losing Spin-The-Wheel

Amy lost a game a few weeks ago so she had to go watch Terrifier 2 in theaters.

Apparently, this movie is so scary that people are passing out and vomiting in the theater. She finally went to go see it on Halloween! She took her fifteen-year-old daughter who also brought her friend after they begged her to go. Amy did get permission from her friend's mom to let her go see it with them. When they walked in, they were the only ones in the theater, besides one older man who was there alone. Amy said at one point she thought she was going to die because she convinced herself in her brain that he was there to kill them.  

She looked away a lot because it was so gruesome and if she kept watching she probably would’ve thrown up, but she was covering her eyes so much. It was also very corny, she said. She shared one moment of the movie that was so graphic we had to bleep it out. She said it was hands down the worst movie she’s ever seen in her life, and she was scared but most of her fear came from the man sitting alone in the theater with them.

Amy’s daughter said she liked the movie and didn’t think it was scary, but thought it was cheaply produced. She said other kids shouldn’t see it, especially her little brother, Stevenson. Amy gave it zero clowns out of five. Her daughter gave it two clowns out of five.