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Eddie Frustrated with Son's New Coach

Eddie is finding himself in a situation where he’s not sure what to do.

His son started a sport, and the coach isn’t really engaging with the kids. The other day the coach was a no show, so all the other dads there came together to help coach the team. When game time came the coach didn’t come until right when the game started. Usually, you show up thirty minutes before and prepare for the game. Now Eddie and the other dads are thinking they should take over the team, but they don’t want to insult the coach even though Eddie doesn't know him personally.  

Bobby’s advice to Eddie is to have a back-up plan ready for when the coach doesn't show up, but if he is there, just accept he’s the coach. Eddie doesn't like that idea and wants the season to end right now. Amy suggests that maybe this isn’t his normal way of coaching, and something is going on in his life. They settle on that Eddie should be prepared in case he doesn’t show up, and if he fully misses then he’s done being the coach. Eddie hopes it doesn't come down to this because he really doesn't want to be a coach for another team.