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Lunchbox’s Cousin Calls Him About Speech Ahead of Wedding

Lunchbox went to his cousin’s wedding over the weekend in Austin.

This is the wedding he wasn’t sure if he should deliver a speech or not since he thinks he a “celebrity.” He thinks when celebrities go to weddings, they are pressured into giving a speech because everyone wants to hear from them. He had a speech planned but he received a call from his cousin, the bride, that changed those plans. His cousin said she’s so happy he’s coming to the wedding, and she’s heard some rumors that he thinks he needs to give a speech since he’s a “big time celebrity” but she rather leave the speeches to the maid-of-honor and best man. She reminded Lunchbox the day isn’t about him. Bobby Bones was surprised he didn’t get uninvited to the wedding after that.  

Since Lunchbox didn’t get to give his speech, Bones let him make the speech on the show. He started by saying she was the nerdy girl in school who didn’t have any boys chasing after her, to her now husband finding her after one swipe on Bumble. He also went on to say he was worried she was going to be alone forever. The show didn’t find it very funny. Lunchbox said it was a little awkward when they saw each other at the wedding because he thought she didn’t appreciate the “celebrity” being there. But people asked for pictures with him, so he was happy.