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Amy, Lunchbox, & Eddie Recall Living With Their Parents After 18

There is a story about a mom who is charging her kids rent to continue living at home with them. The story has people upset and got Bobby Bones' to ask the show if they ever moved back in with their parents, and if so, did they charge them rent? 

They all did besides Bones’ who moved out when he was 17. Amy said she moved back in with her parents in her early twenties when she first started doing radio and was about to get married. Her parents helped her out by letting her stay with them without charging her rent. Lunchbox also moved back in with his parents when he was 22 until he was about 25. He had to move back in when he started doing the radio show, because he had to take a pay cut. Thankfully his parents didn’t charge him rent either. Eddie stayed home after he graduated high school because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. His parents encouraged him to live at home and take classes at the local college. Once he got accepted into another college he left and never looked back.  

The show agrees they are fine with the mom charging her kids rent because they think it will help prepare them for what it’s like once they move out.