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Amy Reveals Contents of Package Delivered to Her House Over a Year Ago

Amy received a package a while ago, but she wasn’t comfortable talking about what was in it, until now, because she thinks enough time has passed for it to be okay to talk about it now.  

A while ago, Amy picked up her mail at the post office and brought it home. There was a package with her name on it, so just like normal, she opened it. She quickly realized this box was not for her and what was inside it could get her in a lot of trouble. The box contained multiple bricks of heroin wrapped up. She thinks what happened is maybe this package was meant for someone else with the same name and accidentally ended up in her mail pile. Amy was super nervous to say anything because when these types of packages go missing, usually someone is looking for it and something bad can happen.  

Since it was from a mail pick-up place, she received a call that told her she accidentally received a box, and they need the “documents” back. The “documents” obviously being code. Amy did go to the authorities and was able to get the situation out of her hands. Amy said at the time, she was more scared than anything. But once she got the call about the missing “documents” she realized it was just wrong package and wrong timing.  

We talked to a listener who is a DA and helped shed some insight on the situation. He said sending packages of drugs to random addresses is actually a normal way of smuggling drugs into the U.S. right now. They put the wrong address on purpose, closely follow the tracking for the package and once it’s delivered, they grab it. If someone takes the package in before they can get it, they just write it off as a loss.  

As far as he knows, innocent people haven't been harmed in situations like this. Amy is just happy nothing bad happened and she doesn't have to worry about it anymore.