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Bobby Bones Being Threatened of Cancellation From Something He Said

Bobby Bones posted a Tik Tok video addressing a situation that happened at his Comedically Inspirational Comedy Tour that he’s now being threatened to get canceled for and beat up from what he said!  

Bones’ wants to one day host the CMA Awards, so during his comedy show the other day, he performed a mock CMA Awards host monologue. You’re not supposed to have phones out at the show, but someone did and now the video is being leaked. So, he figured he’d just release a clip from the video himself.  

The monologue starts with Bones’ making a joke about Dan + Shay that some people have found offensive. Bones’ explained that he didn’t do any of it with any sort of malicious intent. He writes jokes and they are supposed to be funny. He’s not sure if he plans to ever release the full video but wanted to clarify what happened. Bones’ ends the video by saying he hopes everyone supports something good. He also captioned the video, “At this rate, everyone will be canceled by 2024. Just say no to cancel culture.”