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Bobby Bones Has More Than Foxes In His Backyard

Bobby Bones has hired Bryan Swanson, who was on Breaking Bobby Bones, to help with the animal problem happening in his backyard.  

He’s trying to catch the six or seven foxes in his backyard because they keep messing with his dogs and drag other dead animals into the yard. He doesn't want to kill or hurt them, so he hired Swanson, who was on ‘Breaking Bobby Bones’ and works with Complete Animal Removal. He wants to trap them and put them back into the woods. But there’s been some difficulty.

In order to catch them they put cameras on the cages to see what’s coming in and what else is going on in the yard. The cameras have caught so many animals in Bones' backyard, more than he knew he had! He even caught on video of a bobcat and teases that there is even a bigger, ferocious animal in his backyard. They have caught a lot of weird animals, but no foxes so far.