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Bobby Thinking of Attending Adult Basketball Camp

Bobby Bones has a friend that once a year goes to an adult basketball camp at a major college with pro-athletes and coaches and he’s thinking about going this year.  

He describes it as Basketball Fantasy Camp where for a week stay at a house close to the campus and the age range of people there are in their 30-40s. You play three-on-three, then they draft you, there's a banquet and it gets very competitive. Bones doesn't think he’s the best pick-up basketball player, so if he agrees to go, he’ll need to start training until the camp starts in May. Amy tried to remind him it’s just for fun, but Bones and all his friends are very competitive, so he knows he needs to train for this camp. He wants to make sure he shows up prepared and doesn't get drafted last.  

Bones isn’t sure if he’s ready to tackle training non-stop until May. Amy says he shouldn’t do it for the sake of his wife.  Even though part of her would be happy he’s doing something fun, she’s leaning on no for his wife, so she doesn't have to deal with him training every day. Eddie thinks it’s so cool and it’s something he needs to do. Lunchbox thinks it’s lame but agrees it’s something he has to do. He compares it to an adult summer camp. Bones needs some time to think about it before he makes his final decision.