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Loser of Amy vs. Lunchbox Has to Eat Kit Kat With Tartar Sauce

We play Amy vs Lunchbox and whoever loses must eat a Kit Kat covered in tartar sauce!  

Bobby Bones asked Amy three questions Lunchbox would know and vice versa. If you get the question right you get a point, but if you don’t, the other person can steal it.  

Amy starts out strong by correctly answering who is in the World Series right now and which way laces should face on a football during a field goal. Then, Bones asked what RPM’s mean on a vehicle, which she gets wrong, so Lunchbox steals it. Lunchbox doesn't do too well with his questions and Amy ends up winning. The final score was Amy 4, Lunchbox 1. Because he lost, Lunchbox must eat a Kit Kat bar with tartar sauce on it. It’s so hard for him to eat he almost vomits!