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Lunchbox’s Neighbor Asks Him Strange Question

Lunchbox’s neighbor asked him a question and he wants to know if it was creepy or not a big deal.  

He was in the front yard, when his neighbor was walking his dog and he stopped to ask Lunchbox what the layout of his house looked like inside. He wanted to know where the bedrooms were in the house, if the master bedroom was towards the front or back of the house, and other questions that Lunchbox didn’t know how to respond to. He doesn't know this man and they’ve never had a conversation before. He assumes he lives in the neighborhood since he was walking his dog there but isn’t sure. He told Lunchbox he always walks by and wonders what the inside looks like.  

The show agrees it’s creepy that he asked that. Eddie suggests he might be an architect and if he is then he needs to lead with stating that so it sounds less creepy.