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People Trying to Cancel Bobby Over Comedy Routine About Country Artists

A few days ago, we mentioned how Bobby Bones has always wanted to host the CMA Awards, but they won’t let him. So, during his Comedically Inspirational show he did a pretend host monologue that has landed him in some trouble.  

He started making fun of some country artists, not in a malicious way, just to be funny. Someone recorded it from the crowd, and it made its rounds on social media. Bones started getting threats that he was going to get canceled due to the things he said. He never released the full video, just a few clips on his TikTok.  

Bones wanted feedback from his boss, Rod Phillips, so he sent him the full video and called him on the show to hear his thoughts. Phillips thought it was funny, and that he wouldn’t get cancelled for it, but doesn't think it’s a good idea for Bones to release the full video. It reminded him that the music industry in Nashville is very close to everyone, and there is some insider information that probably shouldn’t be released. Phillips thinks Bones went a little too hard on jokes he made about Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line, but that the rest would probably be fine. Bones thought the Morgan Wallen joke might stir some people up.  

Phillips also thinks it wouldn’t help Bones reputation if he released the full video and doesn't know what the goal would be, so he recommended he doesn't do it. The show thinks he might be sending a message saying Bones can put it out himself, but Phillips can’t say that on-air. The show says he should release the full video. Phillips officially says no.