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The Show Crowns A New Employee Of The Month

The show's Employee of the Month was chosen for October! When the name lands on the wheel, the person it lands on has the opportunity to win up to $150 or block someone from being eligible to win employee of the month for the next three months.  

Amy has never been Employee of the Month and has no idea who it could be this month. Lunchbox thinks he crushed it this month and it will be him. The last Employee of the Month was Mike D, who Lunchbox didn’t think he deserved. Bobby Bones went around to each show member and said something great they did this month and whether they are still in the running or not. Ray, Amy, Morgan and Eddie are eliminated, which leaves Abby and Lunchbox as the final two people in the running to be employee of the month. Both have acceptance speeches ready. Lunchbox thinks he deserves it because he performed in “Bat Out of Hell” in Las Vegas earlier this month and has brought great content to use on the show. Abby feels she deserves it because she flew all the way to Las Vegas with Lunchbox to watch three performances of “Bat Out of Hell,” Lunchbox also lied to her about a singing gig he had set up for her and he spilled the tea about her dating life on air.

Bones announces the Employee of the Month for October is Abby! She’s been extremely open about her dating life and listeners have loved it, she’s shared a lot of stories on air, she sang on the streets, she hosted the BobbyCast with Nate Smith, has been crushing it on the phones, and has been voted the employee of the month! Lunchbox is livid about losing.  

Abby gets the choice to spin the wheel to either block an employee from getting Employee of the Month for three months or win money. She chooses to block someone! She chooses to block Lunchbox. He won’t be eligible to win it for the next three month but said he'll use this as an excuse to slack off now.