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Amy’s Kids Fighting Like Biological Siblings

Amy’s kids are adopted from the same orphanage in Haiti, but they aren't biologically related. But they have started to fight like real siblings.

Amy actually likes it when they begin to fight like real siblings because they have only lived together for four years. Amy asked her daughter to hang out with her little brother, which she replied she feels like she loses brain cells every time she has to do that. Amy was a little upset about that comment, but also kind of loved it because siblings fight, and it feels like they are being real siblings!  Amy said they do bring up the fact that they aren’t real siblings, but everyone on the show thinks of them as real siblings. Amy isn’t sure if she should be proud of this comment since it feels like a real sibling comment to make, or if she should try to fix it. It’s a common parent problem that made it feel real.  

Bobby said she should judge it by a case-by-case situation.